What services do you provide?
Riddles Investment Consulting, LLC provides a broad range of consulting services. Making complex jargon and concepts readily understandable is a core strength. Services offered include:

  • GIPS Compliance Strategies
  • Performance Measurement
  • Statistical & Quantitative Methods
  • Risk Assessment
  • Report Design & Development
  • Track Record Portability Analysis
  • Automation & Process Optimization
  • Analysis & Reporting
  • Custom Benchmarking
  • System Design & Implementation

What makes Riddles Investment Consulting, LLC different?
There are a lot of choices for middle-office consulting. What sets Riddles Investment Consulting, LLC apart is that the principal has many years of effectively working with the portfolio management, marketing, compliance and legal staffs in buy-side firms. This experience helps us understand the client’s point of view, priorities, and concerns.

Why retain a small firm when there are much larger consulting firms available?
In consulting what counts is the expertise of the professional working on your project rather than the total number of employees the firm has available. Larger firms increase the likelihood that a more junior professional will be assigned to complete the assignment. At Riddles Investment Consulting the professional who negotiates with you is generally the same professional who renders the service.

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